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Jr. Wolfpack Football Refunds

If you are requesting a refund of your paid JWF / Park Youth Football Clinic registration fees, please contact Mike Rose (  The JWF Board handles all decisions regarding granting refunds.  The JWF Treasurer will then issue the refund once approval is given from the board.  The Treasurer will not issue a refund check until the equipment manager has advised all equipment / uniforms handed out have been turned in.  Failure to turn in equipment will result in an additional charge of $200 towards your JWF / CGAA account.  This charge if unpaid will effect your status in future CGAA activities.  See the CGAA "No Pay No Play" policy for additional information.  

No refunds will be issued after August 15, 2017.

Please note that we make every effort to get refunds issued in a timely manner.

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