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7th Grade

Mark Ellingson

Grade Director

Phone: 763-232-1792

Dan Smoot

Head Coach - 7th Grade Green

Phone: 952-457-8486

Elliot Drake

Head Coach 7th & 8th grade combined Restricted

Phone: 219-201-9858

USA Football

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Concussion Testing via Concussion Vital Signs

This year the Jr Wolfpack Football Association will be implementing a concussion management program. In recent years, there has been new research into sports-related concussions.  Jr Wolfpack Football is adopting a management process based on this new knowledge and the most current medical guidelines. Our goal is to provide the greatest degree of safety for the athletes in our program.

We are asking each athlete, in grades 3-8, with the support of their parents to:   

Complete a Concussion Vital Signs online assessment baseline (approximately 30 to 45 minutes) by following the instructions on the Jr Wolfpack Football website ( The Concussion Vital Signs program will allow us to offer our athletes the same level of care as that used by Professional Teams and Division-1 University level sports programs.

If an athlete is believed to have suffered a concussion during competition, the Concussion Vital Signs assessment is taken again and the data can be compared to the baseline test. This information is then used as a tool to assist the treating physician in determining the extent of the injury, monitoring recovery, and in making safe return to play decisions. The Concussion Vital Signs assessment platform is optimized to meet the most recent Sports Concussion consensus guidelines.

If the athletic staff or the parents believe an injury of this nature occurs, we will ask the student-athlete to sit out playing and competition until the school receives a physician directed return-to-play authorization.


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