3rd Tacklebar

TackleBar Football consists of a harness worn around the torso with two foam bars attached at the back. A ball carrier is downed by tearing off one of the foam TackleBars. The TackleBar Football system has been strategically designed to teach proper defensive fundamentals. The bar location requires defense to play with their head-up and eyes on the ball carrier at all times.

This 3rd grade  division is a 9-player partial contact on an 80 yard field. At this level, players are introduced to the Heads UP Football, helmet and shoulder pads  and a Wrap and Tip football technique.  Wrap and Rip is the technique for engaging and downing a ball carrier by removing a bar. This technique has been developed in harmony with the latest safety recommendations for shoulder tackling, which calls for the tackler to keep his/her head to the side, away from the impact of the tackle.